Sunday, February 25, 2007

Southwell -- 11th Feb 2007

Southwell, a fairly small place which situated in the Midlands is the latest place I visited.

Famous for its uniquely built cathedral which spotted the 2 towers at its main entrance, we are drawn to visit this 800 years old cathedral. I'm wondering whether Tollkean got the inspiration of the title of his LOTR novel from the title...

We actually expect a bad weather that day since for the past few days it's been snowing & raining all day long, and the weather forecast it would be rainy. But surprisingly we were greeted with sunny weather! Well, maybe the God granted us a fair weather for visiting the house of God.

3 old market square.jpg

Old Market Square-- Nottingham

4 anu and me.jpg

Anu and me...

5 hard rock cafe nottingham.jpg

Hard ROCK Nottingham

6 southwell minster.jpg

Southwell Minster

9 in the catheral.jpg

In the Cathedral

12 the stand where the pastor will talk.jpg


21 chapel through the door.jpgOne of the chapel

18in the church.jpgPavol and me

20in the church.jpgChairs...

22catheral from other angle.jpgThe 2 towers from a different point of view

23chapel.jpgInside the cathedral

25 great Ram and raisin ice cream.jpgThis is me with the Rum, a kind of alcohol drink(not mistaken it with RAM which is random access memory) and raisin ice cream... Absolutely delicious!!!

28 southwell.jpgSouthwell

30 bicycle area.jpg

Back to Notts again, the bicycle stand...


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