Monday, February 05, 2007

Random post of thoughts

It is 3am now and my brain has no intention of getting tired or at least, getting the desire to sleep. I have class at 915am tomorrow, not forgetting the release of exam results...

I have been fumbling about my life lost my directions and missions on the last 2 week. Last week, I am finally came back to my senses and all thanks to the help of my Sony Clie PDA, I re organize my timetable and keep every single things on track. For example: deadline on poster submission, PhD submission, Credit Card payment, IKEA trip to buy laundry bag and other stuff( will come up in the post later), Chinese New year planning, Research Appointment schedule, etc...

One of the reasons I fumbled is that I found myself losing my loves one, not physically but emotionally. She is not loving me like she used to be anymore. I have been very sad over this matter and looking at the photos we took together on my desk keep reminding me about her. I miss her a lot! I can't blame her on this matter because eventually it's my fault. I didn't give her "assurance", I am insecure, I am flirty type. I am sorry honey... I know it must be hard on you...

Anyway, I started to follow step by step on the schedule, everything be on time. I am proud of myself that I have achieve many objectives on last week compared with the previous 2 weeks. My life now is more manageable. I will have to alter a bit this week schedule to slot in more study time as last week I spent most of my time completing the poster and procrastinating in the middle of the data mining.

Oh wait, my brain now is started to send signals to my body through all the neurons and synapse, telling me that I am tired. Good, now I will rest on my bed, thinking nothing but sleep. Good night everyone!


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