Monday, February 26, 2007

PHD == Permanent Head Damage

It's 3am now and I am still clinging to the PhD project details printout... Not sure how to approach the subjects mentioned in the paper. Cytokinesis? Not my subject of interests, but it involved the cancer research council and University of Cambridge, my ego keep telling me to apply as it involved high profile peoples in the project. But will I be happy if I do the project? 3 years-- it is all it takes to do this job. If I don't like it, I have to bear it for 3 years!!!

The other projects, involved my subject of interests and it is supported by the Cancer research council as well. But studentship did not cover the the whole overseas fees. I need to fork out my own money to pay for the difference between the local tuition fees and overseas. It is not that the previous offer is better, they impose the same rules as well.. it is just that in my ego thinking that if I got in Cambridge, I can appeal on the Malaysia National Newspaper to get the sponsors. Saw those news in the paper before, but in reality, can it be done?

I think in my inner self, I have decided to choose the one I love most rather than choose the one that makes you glamour, but not happy with it at all...

But what I should do with financial burden? Well, hope God will show me a way...


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