Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chinese New year in Nottingham

Celebrating CNY here is totally different in UK. The eve we had steamboat with fellow flatmates and 20 over people turned up for the dinner. No fishballs though, a dozen of fish balls cost 2pounds! Nearly fainted when heard about the price. The photos might explain what happen that day…


3 Steambots with FOOD!!!

IMG_3907.JPGFood upclose and personal...

IMG_3927.JPGCeri with the hot and sexy dumplings... Note: look what Lydia is doing in the background...

IMG_3941.JPGChopsticks Kung"food"

IMG_3946.JPGMe, Catherine and Sian

IMG_3949.JPGWe are Chinese... Well, not quite for Anu though...

IMG_3953.JPGColin and I, Look what Lydia is doing again... Haha...

IMG_3955.JPGMartin try to pose cool... Well, not successful enough, BTW, whose hand are those??

IMG_3956.JPGRouri and I

IMG_3959.JPGWith my best mate, Mark and Ceri.

IMG_3962.JPGCatherine is so in love with the boiled Lettuce, her first in her life!

IMG_3969.JPGChinese in Notts, Lydia is striking another one. Way to go...Yohoo...

IMG_3978.JPGPart of the gang. Pavol is trying to be drinking as normal as possible

IMG_3986.JPGSteambot HIGH...

IMG_3989.JPGAnother group photo.

IMG_3990.JPGWa, need to extinguish the HEAT...

We have so much fun on the Chinese new year eve.. Well, somehow the atmosphere is different from celebrating inMalaysia.

On the first day of the New year evening, we went to Highfield lake side center in University of Nottingham to watch the fireworks, dragon dance, and cultural show. The highlight is the fireworks, which last about 10mins and it is spectacular! One of the best I ever seen!


The Chinese calligraphy hang on the stage with the background of the trend building, University of Nottingham.

I had classes on the second day of New year, so mostly stay in the faculty for the rest of the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Rouri is cute. Haha, that's quite funny, you have quite a lot of white friends compared to the other Malaysians I know here. Lol, I'm saying that cuz I'm currently also in Nottingham. Don't think I've ever seen you around tho! Lol! What are you studying?

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