Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chinese New year in Nottingham

Celebrating CNY here is totally different in UK. The eve we had steamboat with fellow flatmates and 20 over people turned up for the dinner. No fishballs though, a dozen of fish balls cost 2pounds! Nearly fainted when heard about the price. The photos might explain what happen that day…


3 Steambots with FOOD!!!

IMG_3907.JPGFood upclose and personal...

IMG_3927.JPGCeri with the hot and sexy dumplings... Note: look what Lydia is doing in the background...

IMG_3941.JPGChopsticks Kung"food"

IMG_3946.JPGMe, Catherine and Sian

IMG_3949.JPGWe are Chinese... Well, not quite for Anu though...

IMG_3953.JPGColin and I, Look what Lydia is doing again... Haha...

IMG_3955.JPGMartin try to pose cool... Well, not successful enough, BTW, whose hand are those??

IMG_3956.JPGRouri and I

IMG_3959.JPGWith my best mate, Mark and Ceri.

IMG_3962.JPGCatherine is so in love with the boiled Lettuce, her first in her life!

IMG_3969.JPGChinese in Notts, Lydia is striking another one. Way to go...Yohoo...

IMG_3978.JPGPart of the gang. Pavol is trying to be drinking as normal as possible

IMG_3986.JPGSteambot HIGH...

IMG_3989.JPGAnother group photo.

IMG_3990.JPGWa, need to extinguish the HEAT...

We have so much fun on the Chinese new year eve.. Well, somehow the atmosphere is different from celebrating inMalaysia.

On the first day of the New year evening, we went to Highfield lake side center in University of Nottingham to watch the fireworks, dragon dance, and cultural show. The highlight is the fireworks, which last about 10mins and it is spectacular! One of the best I ever seen!


The Chinese calligraphy hang on the stage with the background of the trend building, University of Nottingham.

I had classes on the second day of New year, so mostly stay in the faculty for the rest of the afternoon.

I am a baby

I just can't believe myself that I can sleep for 11hours straight through the night. It happen yesterday when I went to bed at 12am, I slept till 11am. =p There goes my plan to study in the morning again. Sigh...

But the good thing is that my body have a very good rest, a good rest that let me temporary forget my anxiety about the planning of my future...

I gonnan stop lugging aroung the net now, time for my study...

Monday, February 26, 2007

PHD == Permanent Head Damage

It's 3am now and I am still clinging to the PhD project details printout... Not sure how to approach the subjects mentioned in the paper. Cytokinesis? Not my subject of interests, but it involved the cancer research council and University of Cambridge, my ego keep telling me to apply as it involved high profile peoples in the project. But will I be happy if I do the project? 3 years-- it is all it takes to do this job. If I don't like it, I have to bear it for 3 years!!!

The other projects, involved my subject of interests and it is supported by the Cancer research council as well. But studentship did not cover the the whole overseas fees. I need to fork out my own money to pay for the difference between the local tuition fees and overseas. It is not that the previous offer is better, they impose the same rules as well.. it is just that in my ego thinking that if I got in Cambridge, I can appeal on the Malaysia National Newspaper to get the sponsors. Saw those news in the paper before, but in reality, can it be done?

I think in my inner self, I have decided to choose the one I love most rather than choose the one that makes you glamour, but not happy with it at all...

But what I should do with financial burden? Well, hope God will show me a way...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

New interface V2.0 Beta is up and running

As some of you might have noticed, the interface in this blogsite has some cosmetic changes. Well, I think it is time for a revamp to create a more customized interface. Hope you all love the new interface... And I am proud to announce that the blog update notification emailer is back!

So all you have to do is key in your email address on the right side of the column, subscribe for free... and an email will send to you once the blog is updated. The best part is the direct auto login URL is attached in the email, so no more login hassles!

Hope you do enjoy my entries in the blog! =)

Southwell -- 11th Feb 2007

Southwell, a fairly small place which situated in the Midlands is the latest place I visited.

Famous for its uniquely built cathedral which spotted the 2 towers at its main entrance, we are drawn to visit this 800 years old cathedral. I'm wondering whether Tollkean got the inspiration of the title of his LOTR novel from the title...

We actually expect a bad weather that day since for the past few days it's been snowing & raining all day long, and the weather forecast it would be rainy. But surprisingly we were greeted with sunny weather! Well, maybe the God granted us a fair weather for visiting the house of God.

3 old market square.jpg

Old Market Square-- Nottingham

4 anu and me.jpg

Anu and me...

5 hard rock cafe nottingham.jpg

Hard ROCK Nottingham

6 southwell minster.jpg

Southwell Minster

9 in the catheral.jpg

In the Cathedral

12 the stand where the pastor will talk.jpg


21 chapel through the door.jpgOne of the chapel

18in the church.jpgPavol and me

20in the church.jpgChairs...

22catheral from other angle.jpgThe 2 towers from a different point of view

23chapel.jpgInside the cathedral

25 great Ram and raisin ice cream.jpgThis is me with the Rum, a kind of alcohol drink(not mistaken it with RAM which is random access memory) and raisin ice cream... Absolutely delicious!!!

28 southwell.jpgSouthwell

30 bicycle area.jpg

Back to Notts again, the bicycle stand...

Monday, February 19, 2007

Chinese New Year Preparation in Malaysia

Chinese New Year Preparation in Malaysia.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Japanese Spring festival!!!

Lat month is a Japanese celebration of spring, in another word, it is a spring festival.

I have a good experience of acting as an Oni for the festival in cloister, as Toshiko does celebrate it.

In accordance to the custom of the japanese, the males in the house have to act as oni, which mean evil. And what the others do are to throw peanuts to the Oni. For more info, please refer Wikipedia.

We have lots of fun and lots of peanuts to eat!


Click on the photos to enlarge! =p

The Exclusive Video!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I'm so blue in the mood, perhaps it's the cold, or the cold shoulder l received,
Fund running low, PhD studentship search is going like a mould.

Oh God please show me a sign, for me to regain my minds & souls, hope next week will be a better week

Classic music in the UK

Enjoying classical music through FM radio in England gives me sense of attachment with the culture here.

The feeling was totally different when heard in a mild temperature, with medievals churches & architectures around. With a sip of a tastefully made English tea from a tea cup, and the music playing in the background...you might say this is the enjoyment & relaxation at its best. The music gave me a sense that I am in Europe now, like a dream comes true!

Don't get me wrong, l'm not a big fan of classical music; but I am not sure why I do enjoy the music particular when I have a tea session with friends, or when the study tensed up. Maybe it got something to do with the weather too!

Hope you can discover that the classical music will enlighten you too!

Monday, February 12, 2007

JASON LO!!! Evening NEws!

I am surprised that I can find this song on YouTube now. Evening News are one of my all time favorite song in my high school time! Really provocative song... Have fun!


Operator the line is dead

YouTube-- Funny video

this teach you not to bully kids! Haha...

Oni Festival Blog coming up...

I haven't post the japanese new year festival thingie yet... well, stay tuned. I will post it here some how, I am too tired to do it now... Gonna sleep real early.

Monday, February 05, 2007

I pimped my gadgets and Laptop!!!

I have been trying to write on my blog about my obsession about pimping my Symbian S60 series Nokia N70 into a Mac OS and my laptop into a Windows Vista! Well, here you go! Only photos, less talking, let the photos do the talking! Haha... Thanks to my bro Patrick for recommending the Vista Treansform Pack... Pretty Cool!


My New Vista OS!!! click on the image to check it out!


My Pimped Mobile! Cool Mac OS X OS!

Random post of thoughts

It is 3am now and my brain has no intention of getting tired or at least, getting the desire to sleep. I have class at 915am tomorrow, not forgetting the release of exam results...

I have been fumbling about my life lost my directions and missions on the last 2 week. Last week, I am finally came back to my senses and all thanks to the help of my Sony Clie PDA, I re organize my timetable and keep every single things on track. For example: deadline on poster submission, PhD submission, Credit Card payment, IKEA trip to buy laundry bag and other stuff( will come up in the post later), Chinese New year planning, Research Appointment schedule, etc...

One of the reasons I fumbled is that I found myself losing my loves one, not physically but emotionally. She is not loving me like she used to be anymore. I have been very sad over this matter and looking at the photos we took together on my desk keep reminding me about her. I miss her a lot! I can't blame her on this matter because eventually it's my fault. I didn't give her "assurance", I am insecure, I am flirty type. I am sorry honey... I know it must be hard on you...

Anyway, I started to follow step by step on the schedule, everything be on time. I am proud of myself that I have achieve many objectives on last week compared with the previous 2 weeks. My life now is more manageable. I will have to alter a bit this week schedule to slot in more study time as last week I spent most of my time completing the poster and procrastinating in the middle of the data mining.

Oh wait, my brain now is started to send signals to my body through all the neurons and synapse, telling me that I am tired. Good, now I will rest on my bed, thinking nothing but sleep. Good night everyone!

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