Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Room ATTACK!!!

I am pretty frustrated and itchy by the reason of being bugged by the bugs in the room! My bed, my carpet at my study table are seems to be colonised by those small, tiny and invisible bugs. What they do for a living? They bite George out of it. Damn!

Whenever I want to study on my table or wanted to rest on my bed, they just kept biting me. Of course, I retaliate, by vaccuming every single corner of my room, including my bed, wash every single bed sheets I have and spray disinfectant in my room. But that did not totally deter them from getting on my nerves! They still manage to survive after I pull those tricks to them! Now I had it enough!!! I am calling in the specialists, they just had my room inspected this morning, they ruled out bed bugs as they can't find one, but will do the spraying anyway. I am not sure when that gonna happen but I begged them to settle this ASAP! It is CODE RED! My finals is near and yet I can't study in my room! It is torturing!

Hope by then this evening they will call me back to confirm today or tomorrow they will spray the damn poison to feed the bugs! I never use obscure words in my blog, but NOW for this occassion, I will say: F*** YOU bugs!!!


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