Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lousy first week of 2007

The first week of Year 2007 has been not good to me so far... My room has infested by mites which I sadly had been asked by the UPP to stay put... I can't sleep well and the finals is coming next Monday, My mom has been admitted in the hospital for MRI scanning due to serious pain on the back after working for too hard to make ends meet and for my brother and I to further our studies.

I felt sucks... Never been this sad in the UK. I told my dad a moment ago about the mites problem in my rented room, and what he told me stuck me with awe. My dad is a great wise man, he just didn't show it when it is not necessary. He has been asking me the details on how the fumigation has been done and he said that is not enough. A gas fumigation only will do the job. I nearly forgot, yeah he is an expert in pest control in industrial scale warehouse,but not a pest control people, he is the manager for material control so he needs to know every single things dealing with pests and stock flow.

He even advise me to get a repellent for my body temporary just to keep the mites away from keep biting me. Mind you, I need to go through hell for these 2 days before monday comes and I have finals on Monday and wednesday too. I know that no matter how much I ranted or how miserable I can make myself out of this, I still need to fix them, the problems won't disappear by themselves.

I broke down after calling my mom. I cleared my throat then only called my dad. I don't want him to got to know that I am having difficulties here. But in the end, I still tell him that I want mom stop working and the mites problems that I am having, not forgetting my finals which are very difficult. I manage to tell him in details. And I made a right choice, eventually my dad's suggestion is good about the mite problem. I will buy the repellent tomorrow.

p/s: thanks so much Anu for braving yourself to my flat and give me a big hug. Don't worry, I will not tell Pavol about that. =p

I gonna sleep now, good bye lousy first week 2007! Hello to the coming 2nd week of 2007!


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