Thursday, January 18, 2007

Life back to normal...not quite

After the gruesome exams, at least life has gone back to normal... The T mobile people didn't call me yet, but I got the newspaper job to cover the shortcoming. I have classes already and they require us to produce poster in 2 weeks time.

I will submit my research projects choices tomorrow morning and do some research on the PhD opportunities. If there are no hope for the PhD studentships, then I might resort to working here, and that means I need to apply for the scheme.

Everyone in the flats have been very nice to me. Toshiko cooked me rice cake, which is eaten when it is new year in Japan.

The famous rice cake with seaweed wrapping it

I am having it!!!

Kiran and Anu are celebrating Ponggal on last week too. I am invited as well. We had simple but delicious indian snacks and drinks. Been catching up on what's happening in our House.

I walked to Beeston on 15th of Jan, to pay the d*mn accommodation fees and of course, groceries shopping!

Been snapping photos to show you how's the winter looks like in Nottingham.

As you can see, all the trees had shed their leaves and the sun set quite early as well. Photos taken at about 330pm.

I am pretty tired today, so will only put up some posts about my trip to Lincoln next time. Cheers!


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