Saturday, January 13, 2007

I have moved.

After the long and enduring tasks of shifting my stuff in the new room, I can rest a while. Today is the forth day in the new room. The past 3 days has been torturing as well for the reason being haunted by the traumatic feel of being attacked by the mites again. So, only manage to sleep for 2 hours each day.

Well, not until yesterday... I bought myself a new pair of pillows from Sainsbury, and get rid of the UPP's one. FYI, they have confiscated my 3 old pillows and my duvet; replace them with only ONE lousy pillow and a duvet. Dang...

So, I bought the pillows and sleep on it yesterday. I was afraid that I won't get any sleep again, so the Taiwan's senior here (a pharmacist) prescribed me 2 tablets of sleeping pills, but eventually they are still on my desk, I didn't take it.

I can sleep well for the first time in my own bed! straight from 1130pm till 10am. Wow, that is a lot of sleep, but you know, it is to replenish my previous lack of sleeping time.

Today I will work hard on my next paper! So, wish me luck!!!


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