Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007

Celebrating new year in the UK is somewhat quiet for me. I still remember during my undergraduate time, we will always come out with brilliant ideas of where to go, how to celebrate it... Every new year we definitely come out with something... (please refer to blog archive).

This year is difference. Celebrating it in a foreign country which I prefer calling it home away from home doesn't have the luxurious of private transportation to boot, can't have a BIG MEAL at exquisite restaurant or exotic places. BUT, this year I celebrate it with my closest friend Anu & all other flatmates which I can call my part of my family.

We have pot luck again! Yeah, most of our cultural exchange involved food! Let the taste bud do the talking!

We watched fireworks through the 15'' TV, coloured tube CRT just in case you want to be specific. We talked a lot & enjoy ourselves very much!

Well, the noisiness of the crowd which is a norm doesn't exist in my neighbourhood here. It's kinda surprise for me as it's suppose to be much celebrated than in Malaysia. This is Nottingham, so it suppose to be quiet.


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