Monday, January 08, 2007

First time miss Malaysia

After 4 months of living in the Britain, this is the first time I miss Malaysia, my home. One of the factors is because I'm going through hell with the mites problem, unsolved and I never have this kind of problem before. Mites in UK? WTF!!!

I miss my friends in Malaysia, whom I knew for over 4 years and some even knew for 10 years! They have cherish my life, they are in every single corner of my life when I was in Malaysia. I miss Malaysian food, the Mamak Stall, the cheap but delicious food! Mid Night snack, Satay, Wantan Mee! I miss swimming and squash! Here we need to pay so much only for a swim! 4pounds per entry and you need to pay 50pounds annual joining fees. Squash room rental costs a bomb too. So now left 2 sports I am still doing, jogging and "dumb bell" lifting.

Thanks to Air Asia X, now I can fly home frequently from Manchester Airport. At first time I arrive here, I thought I will stucked here for at least 2 years without a chance to go back for a vacation. Well, as Air Asia X only charge RM9.90 (special promotion, I think), I will go back home for a visit.

I finally got a chance to say to my british friends, I will go back home for winter holiday.


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