Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2 done, 1 more to go

The toughest exams has just over a moment ago, and I am planning to relax a bit before sitting for the last paper of this sem on Monday. I didn't manage to sleep yesterday night. Don't worry, my new room is just fine, just that I am too nervous to sleep due to exam anxiety. The paper is tough and I know it will be tough. Well, my prediction is correct! The questions of the essays even leave one of the smartest one wonder whether he can pass in this paper.

Well, the first paper is easy to me, the second IS NOT!!! Only 2 out of 9 people find it manageble. Dang, I am not sure whether my crap stories--half facts and half fictions about the immunotherapies intervention will get me a pass or not. It is not smooth sailing for this paper. At least I try my best and didn't give up. I saw 2 people just walk out of the exam hall in 1 hour. Just wonder whether they have manage to finished 2 essays in 1 hour, or they just give up.

Anyway, I have reserved a reference book regarding to the molecular techniques for immunologist,might prove helpful for the coming paper. Oh, and I have to disinfect my stuff from the old room to move them to my new room.

Will keep you update about my plans for the next few days.


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