Saturday, December 16, 2006

Woes with image hosting

I am really frustrated when the was down sue to some unknown problems. at first doesn't support ftp image upload which in this case, the users need to find their own image hosting.

I prefer to use an offline blog editor as it give a large spreadsheet for you to work on rather than the super tiny space on it's online editor. And I love the feature of it's drag and drop images,blogger WYSIWYG editor can't do that. (Strange thing is that the google spreadsheet can do it though).

So, after scrutinizing the web for a free webspace and ftp host, finally i found a website which offer a generous 1111mb space. I use the service for 1 month, then it just went vanish on the web. Sigh... So I set another "impossible mission" to search for a FREE space provider that allow me to host images for external use. It's not an easy job though, took me 3 hours just to get a few, but not all support external use.

Finally got 2 websites that allow me to do so. and
T35 offers unlimited webspace (Yohoo!!!) and unlimited bandwidths. But the problem is that when i go to htp:// It displays tons of elicit ads with video to top it off. OMG!!! I prefer not to have my images hosted by this faggot webspace provider which made money out of the naked woman!!! (OK, it's not naked,but it's nearly there!) I oppose to the idea of victimize the women! So I search for another webspace provider, which in this case, is the

This website offer me 2GB of spaces and 2GB of bandwidth limit per month, which is fairly good for me. But after login, I found out some very confusing info, I saw they provide me 350MB of space only, then on the image hosting and video hosting it stated 2GB...Mmm... Anyway, it works like a charm, so I'll leave the trouble behind. Maybe when the space limit is near, I just open another new account. That will do the trick. =p

OK, it's getting REAL late now, will go to sleep now, See you!


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