Friday, December 15, 2006

A visit to the Wollaton Park 19.11.2006

What happen when you want to have a sighting of deers, but unwilling to pay the entrance fees of the Zoo? Well, head to the Wollaton Park then. The cloister's gang and of course, Johnny is included as our guest, plan to head to the famous park in Nottingham to enjoy the Sun, the breeze and of course deer sightings...

Well, we walked in the university park campus first, bypass the main road then head to the park side door. On the way there, I picked up 1pound coin, AGAIN.

We enjoy the walk very much. As you can see from this photo, Felicity is getting all excited about the whole trip,with our guide--Pavol from Slovakia.

When we reached the park, the scenery is so unbelievable, we were greeted by a very big lake and green fields on the hilly slopes. It is such a good place to relax! After 15mnutes of wandering around trying to find a TOILET! We finally found it in the Wollaton Hall. Too bad that it is still under renovation, with scaffolding everywhere. If not, it will be a very nice building to take photo with.

After we ease ourselves, we head to the deer park. Ceri was getting all excited and impatience now. She loves deer, but she wants a deer just rammed/appear in the front of us. Well, that is quite possible if you wear a DEER brand perfume...but not now. But the Lady luck is on our side now. After 10 minutes of wandering around the deer park, I spotted a very big deer resting nearby a tree!

Deer park


We walked until quite near to the deer. I try to capture the deer with my camera, but the zoom can't go close enough... So i kept on walking and go nearer to the deer.

And I got this...

After spending some time dancing with the wolves, err...I meant grazing with the deer, we head to the lake.

The beautiful lake with ducks swimming...

Another shot of the lake.

We decided to go back home after spending of almost 3hours there..

Yo yo, you are cool man...

Ceri with her Made in Hong Kong hat.

Oh man, Anu you ruined the photo! =p

Awww....Isn't that SWEET!!!


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