Wednesday, December 27, 2006

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i am not dure why i am still playing with the setting

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Just a short notice to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Just a funny christmas MTV for you!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Visit Malaysia 2007 advert staring Guang Liang

The advert below let me think of my country. Hope you enjoy the advert.

Friday, December 22, 2006

LIVE Football!!!

25th Nov! My host family brings me to watch a REAL football match.Nottingham Forest VS Millwall. Roger has the spare season tickets, so I got to watch it for free!


The view of the stadium from outside


Bird's eye view of the stadium

It is a great game after all! The atmosphere is so lively and it is nothing like watching it LIVE if compared with the TV. You are surrounded by 14,000 peoples chanting and cheering their club, singing and dancing. It is fabulous!




Before the match!

Nottingham forest VS Chilwell. Sorry shaky hands due to chilly weather!

Deeparaya and Scholarship receiving day

I am tired of always updating my blog in backdated way... so here you go, a series of events happen in my past, not too far away...

We did celebrate the Deeparaya in Uni, but it is in small scale


Justin and me

Mr Yip friend's son….Adip and me

In the hall.

The food that we got during the celebration… Not tasty at all! my cooking is better than that!

20th Nov was the scholarship recipients day…


Lasvan, the oncologist and me. He is my first Iraqi friend

. IMG_3422

Anu, me and MD


With Ruth, the international officer and Anu


Photo session with the Lord Mayor and Dean


With Echo from Taiwan, the dean and the Lord Mayor

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice in UK

Winter Solstice in UK, mm... too quiet if compared with my times in UM. Still remember in UM, we celebrate in a very big scale, cooking up tons of glutinous balls (Tang Yuan) and serving teas in the residential college canteen.

Just wonder are you guys still doing it this year, as it seems like now it's a long holiday break in the uni.

Anyway,for you guys who didn't know about this important festival (especially those self-proclaimed Chinese), the video below is for you. Enjoy it!

Monday, December 18, 2006


This afternoon Anu kept singing the song I believe I can Fly by R.Kelly. It reminded me about my determination and my dreams in the past.

Now it had all come true. It is hard to achieve, I nearly give up at some point. I somehow regain my faith and my believe, to go another mile further... And because of my friends' support and encouragement, I SOAR! I believe I can, so here I am in UK, with a scholarship at hand and a master in the making.

I would like to say thanks to those who discourage and laugh at my silly dreams too. Because of your words, it hurts me so much that I want to prove that It can HAPPEN!!! And now I PROVED it!

The journey doesn't stop here. It is just begin, there's room for improvements and for me to soar even further. I believe I can do it, and I am working hard on achieving it.

To all my juniors back in UM, I understand that you might be at the "cross-roads" sometimes, you feel that you might just give up on your dreams and missions. Please don't despair, don't give up! You can archieve your dreams! The sky is the only limit!


Click on the link to download the MP3:

I Believe I Can Fly-- R. Kelly

If download the mp3 takes too long, then watch the mtv instead. Very inspirational!

I Believe I Can Fly MTV

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Woes with image hosting

I am really frustrated when the was down sue to some unknown problems. at first doesn't support ftp image upload which in this case, the users need to find their own image hosting.

I prefer to use an offline blog editor as it give a large spreadsheet for you to work on rather than the super tiny space on it's online editor. And I love the feature of it's drag and drop images,blogger WYSIWYG editor can't do that. (Strange thing is that the google spreadsheet can do it though).

So, after scrutinizing the web for a free webspace and ftp host, finally i found a website which offer a generous 1111mb space. I use the service for 1 month, then it just went vanish on the web. Sigh... So I set another "impossible mission" to search for a FREE space provider that allow me to host images for external use. It's not an easy job though, took me 3 hours just to get a few, but not all support external use.

Finally got 2 websites that allow me to do so. and
T35 offers unlimited webspace (Yohoo!!!) and unlimited bandwidths. But the problem is that when i go to htp:// It displays tons of elicit ads with video to top it off. OMG!!! I prefer not to have my images hosted by this faggot webspace provider which made money out of the naked woman!!! (OK, it's not naked,but it's nearly there!) I oppose to the idea of victimize the women! So I search for another webspace provider, which in this case, is the

This website offer me 2GB of spaces and 2GB of bandwidth limit per month, which is fairly good for me. But after login, I found out some very confusing info, I saw they provide me 350MB of space only, then on the image hosting and video hosting it stated 2GB...Mmm... Anyway, it works like a charm, so I'll leave the trouble behind. Maybe when the space limit is near, I just open another new account. That will do the trick. =p

OK, it's getting REAL late now, will go to sleep now, See you!

Friday, December 15, 2006

A visit to the Wollaton Park 19.11.2006

What happen when you want to have a sighting of deers, but unwilling to pay the entrance fees of the Zoo? Well, head to the Wollaton Park then. The cloister's gang and of course, Johnny is included as our guest, plan to head to the famous park in Nottingham to enjoy the Sun, the breeze and of course deer sightings...

Well, we walked in the university park campus first, bypass the main road then head to the park side door. On the way there, I picked up 1pound coin, AGAIN.

We enjoy the walk very much. As you can see from this photo, Felicity is getting all excited about the whole trip,with our guide--Pavol from Slovakia.

When we reached the park, the scenery is so unbelievable, we were greeted by a very big lake and green fields on the hilly slopes. It is such a good place to relax! After 15mnutes of wandering around trying to find a TOILET! We finally found it in the Wollaton Hall. Too bad that it is still under renovation, with scaffolding everywhere. If not, it will be a very nice building to take photo with.

After we ease ourselves, we head to the deer park. Ceri was getting all excited and impatience now. She loves deer, but she wants a deer just rammed/appear in the front of us. Well, that is quite possible if you wear a DEER brand perfume...but not now. But the Lady luck is on our side now. After 10 minutes of wandering around the deer park, I spotted a very big deer resting nearby a tree!

Deer park


We walked until quite near to the deer. I try to capture the deer with my camera, but the zoom can't go close enough... So i kept on walking and go nearer to the deer.

And I got this...

After spending some time dancing with the wolves, err...I meant grazing with the deer, we head to the lake.

The beautiful lake with ducks swimming...

Another shot of the lake.

We decided to go back home after spending of almost 3hours there..

Yo yo, you are cool man...

Ceri with her Made in Hong Kong hat.

Oh man, Anu you ruined the photo! =p

Awww....Isn't that SWEET!!!

image hosting website is down

My new image hosting website which offer 3GB storage seems to be down at the current moment. So the photos that I uploaded recently might not appear at this blog. Sigh... Hope they are back online again. I try to upload my new post but due to the problem, I decided to wait and then decide whether will switch to other image hosting provider or not... Meanwhile, please stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I am BAck.... yet again from the dungeon of torture...

After missing in action for 2 weeks, staying in QMC and my small room to study all over again from A to Z for the EXAM. NOW, I am BACK in ACTION AGAIN!!!

Beware, more photos coming up!!! Nottingham Forest Stadium, Wollaton Park, Deeparaya, Scholarship function, thanksgiving party...just to name a few... And keep an eye over here as well! Farewell party pics and KLIA pics will be out soon!!! SO STAY TUNED!!!

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