Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Singing, for me is an art, an expression of myself and my view to my surroundings. How do you define one's singing is good? There are many ways to determine it. If you ask Simon Cowell, he might give you tons of sarcastic comments about one's singing. If you ask an adult, he/she might say anything that won't hurt their ears. If you ask a child, he/she might reply that anything that makes them jiggles and feel happy.

For me, to sing a good song, you must sing your heart out. It's not about following the tempo and chords, and it's not about singing the lyrics correctly; it's your feeling and truthfulness while singing that makes the song sounds nice. That is what I learn from my dear friend Choon Lee. We used to perform together on stage in school. Yo bro, remember the time when you, me and Chon Yan, the three of us have to sing "normal friend" (pu tong peng you) on stage with no reheassal at all? =) Luckily we as a team match very well without any glitches. =p The thunderous applauses! Audiences shouted our names... Woohoo! That was the good old time!

Well, when we got into uni, all three of us got seperated. I am in KL, Choon Lee stays in Penang while Chon Yan in Selangor. We did strove our stuff in the uni. Well, Choon Lee has been very successful in the singing careers, so do Chon Yan. They both compose songs and plays very well in guitar. While I did sings in some occasions in the University, including being a champion choir team in UM; but most of my time I spent on social works, sports and my studies.

Now, in year 2006, Choon Lee I believe is in the midst of preparing his 2nd DIY album, and managing a boy band (oi, correct me if I am wrong, buddy!) Well, good luck! For me, I still love singing. Just that I sing for my self indulgment, for my loves one and for my friends...


Choon Lee during the annual songs composing performance night in Penang.

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