Thursday, November 02, 2006

My family (It's a *REal FAMILY)... =)

Hi there! After writing my blog for nearly one year... I do notice that I rarely speak about my family... Err.. let me think, there is one about my dad in September, another one in last year....not sure... Anyway! Here is my family photo snapped in 2005 Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur!

From left: My bro Patrick, Me, My Dad, my mom, and my Sister--Angel.

After I moved to KL to further my studies in KL, we rarely took photos together. There's no special occassions that actually "gives" us an excuse to snap photos together. To add things more complicated, my bro is "photo shy". So you can see, this photo is very rare as he appeared in here and can fetch up to hundreds of dollars. =p I know you are reading my blog bro! No offend ya! =p

So now I have my REAL family in my blog, my UK foster family, my CLOISTER HOUSE MASSIVE Family, my KL Housemate family, Now left my Betong Island foster family and of course!!! My Dragon Fruit Family in UM!!! Oh wait a minute, Drogon Fruit family always appeared in my blog, there's even video for it! So Dragon Fruit family, better luck next time. Haha!!!


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