Saturday, November 25, 2006

Malaysian Idol Nostalgia...

It's been a while since Malaysian Idol being aired on the national tv. But hey, no worries, if you guys are missing the good old (or worst one?) singers. is come to the rescue! Look what I found on the website! Enjoy!

The YMCA Malaysian idol Advert!!

Group dance on the street advert.

OMG!! this guy is just standing in front of me during audition!!! Mmm... smart way of using mobile phone tunes in the audition...

The funny clips... Oh, watch out for the yellow shorts!!!

Jaclyn Victor! The winner of the 1st Malaysian Idol. She is my favorite Malaysian Idol. =p

Wow, superwoman!!

This songs has been playing in my head for 1 week after listening to Jacklyn's version of Sweet child o' mine!


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