Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Autumm... Backdated post 30th Oct 2006

After the heavy party night out for the Halloween Party, I felt a bit guilty of not revising my notes. So I sent myself away to the Greenfield medical Library to get buried by the books!!!

Alright I'm lying... I'm not buried by the books...HAHA!!! Oh, I'm not listening to music,that headphone is blaring with lectures recording...If you are fancy of this new genre of "music", do let me know. I'll send you a copy!!!

The reference BOOKS!!! I'm not going to use all of them...yet...

After flipping through the notes and reference books for hours, finally I "conquered" the chapter of Cytokines. It's a pretty scary chapter though...

I decided to go for a grocery shopping spree and was hitted by a bug... It's the SHUTTER BUG!!!
I stumbled upon the walls of a car garages and it's covered with RED leaves... Oh man it's so cool! So I snap away with different angles and different style... But the sad thing is that all of them turns out to be a crap. The shooting angle is not good enough. To add the matter worse, my camera optical viewfinder is only 90% accurate. So I save the crappy photo by doing some photoshop touch up... And here is the RESULT!!!


I called it Autumm because the redness colour of the leaf resembles a reminder that the autumm is coming and the winter will follow suit.

Alright, I gonna post a very long post with photos about the halloween party on my next entry! So stay tuned!!!


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