Saturday, October 28, 2006

Subway Subway...

Located in the heart of Nottingham City Centre The Subway "fastfood" sandwiches is one of the places where I spent my worthy 2 Pounds!!

My first meal in this tiny fast food chain is the Italian DMZ, which I don't know what the heck is that. =p Well, Anu introduced it to me, so I suppose it's safe enough to be consumed by human. =p

Seriously, I think this will be my healthiest fast food ever!

The contents of the sandwiches are: cucumber pickles, olives pickles ( don't know whether they are virgin or not though.. =p), fresh cucumber, cheese, bacon, ham, onions, sweet corns, tomatoes, alapinia ( Anu, is it spell correctly??) and HONEY MUSTARD!!!

You really need some skills to put all those things into your mouth. First, you need to press hard onto the sandwiches with both of your hands. But careful not too hard, as you might cause the custard to drips out of the sandwiches and spills all over the place. Hehe... Then with slow and steady movement of your arms, move towards to your mouth. Make sure that you open your mouth REAL big and don't let your saliva flow out man!!!

When it finally in your mouth, bite it!!! And ENJOY IT!!! Don't care more about the fine details on how to eat it after the first bite! Use your fingers and make a mess on the table!!!

Anu with her FOOD!

ME with the HUGE sandwiches!!!


Anu said...

Man! I look good! Put more pics up of me and you female veiwership (I think I made that word up) will go up! :P

Anu said...

Italian BMT


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