Thursday, October 05, 2006

QMC A.K.A. The Maze Hospital

I've noticed that in the past few days, I've kept talking about the scenery of Nottingham but I didn't mentioned about my course and studies yet. Mmm... now is the time for my non-sense story telling again... =p

Most of my studies and lectures are taken place in Queen's Medical Centre(QMC). Let me brief you a little background for this hospital. Look what I got from the wikipedia...

The Queen's Medical Centre (popularly known as QMC or Queen's Med) situated in Nottingham, England, is the largest hospital in the United Kingdom, and the largest teaching hospital in Europe. It was officially opened by the Queen on 28 July 1977, and admitted its first patient in 1978. It currently has more than 1300 beds and employs more than 6000 people.

Yupe, you reading it correctly, it has 1300 beds and employed 6000 staffs inside!!! You might think that's it's will be such a great hospital with the latest technologies and methods to boost with. You are right about that, but you might miss out something here... It's too huge that you can get lost so easily inside!!! Don't believe me? How about you have a look at the directory below..

This is part of the big directory board put up on the wall. Click on the photo to get a bigger view.

The hospital interior has nothing to shout about... There are tons of rooms, labs, teaching facilities and a mini anatomy museum. All the entrance look-alike and that makes the new comers having a big time trying to find their doctors, or even for students who want to attend lectures in the hospital.

You can just forget about the idea of getting some help by making a call from your mobile phone as this hospital is virtually shielded from the signal due to it's full steels and thick brick walls. I even doubt that a GPS system will work in here as it's a totally shielded place. So the only thing you can do is SCREAM your lungs out and hope that one of the will kinda heard of the scream and come to your rescue.. Oh sorry, I make it feels so scary to you. =p

But honestly, apart from that, it's quite a nice hospital. The staff are friendly (in my dept, not sure about other dept though). You can see lots of young students and pretty gals in the hospital as well. This can happen because it also served as a teaching hospital for our medical faculty. =p

The QMC main entrance snapped from the West Block.

The welcome sign at the front entrance of the medical school, which is situated one block behind the main entrance of QMC.

This is me and Johnny in the seminar room. Will take some photos of the Seminar Room next time..


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