Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nottingham 23rd September 2006

Early in the morning 8am, I went out to take breakfast with Justin. Yeah… English style breakfast again, cereal oat, fresh milk, pork sausage, an apple and egg.

Today the weather is much better than yesterday, which is chilly and wet. Temperature drop to about 5C yesterday. You can see your own breath when you talk. But anyway, we walked to Beeston town yesterday in a rainy day. Window shop the things here and keep note for the prices here. OK, back to today now…r>
This will be my last day in that pretty cozy room in Hugh Stewart Hall. Kinda miss the scenery and the bed with comforter!!!

I’ve met up with Rachel (from Canada) since yesterday and we arranged our luggage to be carried away to the place we will be staying later on.

The taxi charges £10 for a trip to my place. I finally got my room and I check in. The room space is quite ok, just that I don’t like the fact that it’s too shady. Not much sunshine going in my room unless it’s really strong. (Unlikely in the UK weather).

I try to change my room but the staffs not allow me to do so as It’s been fully booked and if only the tenant allow you to switch room with him/her, then only it can be allowed. The worse thing is that they will charge £30 for administration charges. So I have to live with this room. Anyway, if I can get my hand on an exe, think will chop down the tree so that it will not block the sun. Hehe…

This is the photo that I shot while on the way to the Beeston town. It’s far away but it’s a fun to walk there as the weather is good and we want to save on taxi fare!! It’s about £5 for a short trip.nt>

This was the dandeloin that I saw during my way back from the town. It’s pretty nice and big! So I snap it at the road side.

This is my new room, shot using paranomic mode.


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