Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mid Autumm in UK--Backdated post 06.10.2006

This will be my first Mid-autumm celebration in the UK. The moon is almost as shiny as back my home I suppose. Back in Nottingham, we do have the Goose Fair which is held co-incidently on the Mid-autumm too. Well, I will cover that later on.

In UK, it is celebrated quite quietly here. I didn't see any laterns around nor kids playing around with fire crackers and lanterns either. But, some of the chinese postgraduates did organise a dinner to celebrate it. I miss that out though...

Anyway, I do enjoy my friends accompany here to get me through this date. When back in home, normally I will celebrate it with my "family" back in the residential college, playing lanterns and sing together, with free mooncakes and free flow of chinese tea. Now kinda miss that noise. =p Luckily, my girl did sent me 2 mooncakes to UK. And it arrives safely here. (SURPRISE!!!) I got to share it with my friends here and they just love it! Oh, thanks goodness they love it, not sure whether they are used to the sticky and overly sweet thing... =p

A picture speaks a thousand words, so here you go...

The moon shines brightly in the UK

The mooncakes that sent by my girl! Thanks!!!

Anu, me and Sandoori. Kinda miss Sandoori now as she is flying back to India

Anu, Powell and Sandoori. P/s: Look at Anu face!!!

Oh, and this is Rachel!!! The pretty Canadian with her first mooncakes in her life! Taken on the next day with another mooncakes. =p Forgot to snap the mooncakes though...


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