Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Goodbye Sindhuri!!!

I want to do this post for quite a long time but didn't manage to have my "free time" to do it. =p

My friend, congrats on your completion of the master course and hope you will have fun back in India! Remember that you must come back to the UK in December to attend the graduation ceremony, don't play in India until forget that ok? Hehe... By the way, Anu has been going on well with the guy, so need not worry. Oh man, she gonna stuffed me with the curry if she saw this post! =p

OK, below are some of the photos that we took during your stay in Nottingham. Everyone miss you here, but I just miss your cooking, nothing else... hahaha! picchi!!

We are in the Bar Risa... Cool Postgraduate Outing

The friends in the bar

Walking in the rain...

The three jangli...

On the way to Beeston

Oh, glorious meat sections in Sainsbury... Meet the butchers!!! I mean..er...he he, no offence my friend!

In the marketplace


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