Saturday, October 28, 2006

Autumn in Nottingham

The autumn in Nottingham has finally arrived. You can feel it as the weather here is becoming colder days by days. Well life goes on here, classes resume as usual and my hostel is busted with tons of activities. For instance, some of the Indians here will celebrate the Diwali in UK for the first time. So, they make a special curry party for us tomorrow and for some of us who have a high tolerance of spicy food, they will surely make us feel at homes…

Talking about the libraries... We have 3 main libraries in this University Park campus to cater to the vast diversity of the students need. The main library would be the Hallward Library. This will be my favorite library to hang out as it has a very cozy and private study area for each and every student. Unfortunately, you will not find any of the science related reference books over here. The second library which I frequented will be the George Green Library, which is built for the Science related students. The third one will be the Medical Library which is in the QMC itself.

This photo is snapped in front of Hallward Library.. It pretty obvious that the autumn is here as the tree leaves changes colour.

George Green Library… a bit crowded as many students love to hang out here.

The private “cubicles” which are beside the large windows in George Green Library.

Taking a walk in the campus is an enjoyable thing to do here. As you stroll on the pedestrian walkway, you are surrounded by big trees with the big yellow leaves on top. It’s a new experience for me as this will be my first winter in the UK. All the sceneries in my campus are so scenic and beautiful; each snapshot is as good as a postcard like photos. I’ll post some of the photos here so that you can imagine how it looks like.

Noticed the tree leaves that all changed their colour to RED and YELLOW??

As I mentioned that the campus is a picturesque place, listed below are some of my snapshots in University of Nottingham.

In University park campus. Shot near the lake. Ducks and geese are abundant here. They are protected by the nature conservation law, so no ones are allowed to capture or feed to them.

This is the Portland Building! One of the most important building for all the staff and the students. It houses HSBC, NATWEST Bank, Tuition fees payment sections, careers development centre, every single clubs and societies’ activity rooms, 2 large rooms that can accommodate 50 people at anytime to do Yoga, Karate or Salsa Dance. One Hall, canteen, snack shops, bookshops, barber shop, travel agency, Insurance Company, etc...

The trademark of University of Nottingham is definitely the Trend Building. It’s a clock tower in the background of this photo. It houses the Deputy Chancellor office, the Graduate Office; some lectures halls and activities rooms.

This photo was captured in one of the main entrances of University of Nottingham. This grassy field is the location for rugby training and “recreational” football training. Honestly, I’ve never seen so many green fields in my life before! This is the best place you want to be if you love the nature and the 15C weather!


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