Monday, October 02, 2006

30th Sept 2006 – City Centre

Today Rachel decided to buy a phone as she badly needed it! So I follow along as I want to pay another visit to the exquisite city again. I hopeful that the sun will shine so that I can take more photos for my own personal collections.

On our way walking to the town, we stumbled upon a castle and rock cave. It did catch our attention as it’s such a scenic view from afar. I stopped for 5 minutes to take a few photos.

It’s beautiful isn’t it? I might drop by to this place again to survey around and get a good location for photo shootout.

After another 10minutes walk, we arrive in the town again! This time around, there are more people than normally do, as today is Saturday and there’s a big SALES going on in the high street.

We walked past a very old church. Even though the old church is small, but it manages to make me feel it’s so majestic and sacred.

This is part of the high street I’m talking about. This place contains lots of shops selling designers’ products. You can get most of the mobile phone service providers here as well. Note on the photo: on the left is one of the many Vodafone shop, on the right is a group of people playing street music…

After surveying for the phone for about 2hours, we have our quick and simple meal in Starbucks. I have my hot chocolate and Rachel had tea..Sorry, forget the exact name for the tea.. =p

Oh yeah, we sat nearby to the windows. The streets got a classical feel and I just can’t stop loving it!!!

And this is Rachel that I’m always talking about!! Master of Underwater Archeleogist in the making…

After the fast meal, Rachel decided to get the Moto V3x from a shop called Liny. Finally she got a phone!!!

We decided to pay a visit to Sainsbury’s (something like Carrefour back at home) to replenish our food “warehouse” on our way back home. I stumbled upon a pretty scene to start my shutter “trigger” button again…

Sorry that this photo is taken without much consideration on the leveling… You might notice that the house in the middle a bit tilted. Pardon the punt, I was on my way back then... hehe…

I particular love this photo. Nowadays it’s quite difficult to find such a “red box” telephone booth in UK. It is replaced by the plastically feel phone booth.

West meet East and Red meet Red!!!

Another building by the street…

The castle court…the name for the building only, not exactly a castle…

Finally we reached Sainsbury’s. Bought myself some food and of course, Chocolate!!! You will be spoilt of choices and it comes with a cheaper price if compared with Malaysia. =) I bought a dark chocolate for only 30p (RM2.10). It tastes so good and the texture is smooth through your throat. The sweetness is just nice and you actually taste a real chocolate, about 60% pure cocoa… well well well…

This whole section on the left till the end is gathered only for chocolates!!!

A part of the whole full counters of chocolates…

By the time we came back home, it’s already near to dinner time, so Rachel cooked a quick dinner for me. We have pasta with cheese.

Mmm... I wonder what's the plan for tomorrow???


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