Sunday, October 01, 2006

29th Sept 2006 – Graduate welcoming tea party. Graduate School, Trend Building

This ceremony takes place in the infamous Trend Building in University of Nottingham. All of the postgraduates in the uni are invited to have a cup of tea, sandwiches and tarts. Oh talking about the tarts, it’s so delicious! It contains apple in the tart! The sandwiches are tasty too, with many varieties to choose from. From ham to cheese, from eggs to veggie; you name it, they have it here! Oh boy, I just love this place! =p

I’m able to catch up with my course mate and flat mates! All of my friends here are extremely friendly and I’m really glad that I choose UK to further my studies here as it really opened up my perspective and mind!

Without any further elaboration, let’s have a go on the photos…

The trend building that I’m talking about

My course mate, Johnny from Denmark in the luxurious Graduate School

From left, Becky, Sian (my flat mate), ME!!! and Anna.

The graduate school, do notice that on the walls there are lots of wood and marble craving of famous people head figure.


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