Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nottingham 22nd Sept 2006

Early in the morning 8am, I went out to take breakfast with Justin. Yeah… English style breakfast again, cereal oat, fresh milk, pork sausage, an apple and egg.

The weather is chilly and wet. Temperature drop to about 5C . You can see your own breath when you talk in the afternoon. But anyway, early in the morning I have a jog with Justin around the campus. It's really enjoyable! Just that the climate is different from where I originally trained, so running here brings a bit "discomfort" to my stamina and confidence.

Later in the afternoon, we walked to Beeston town. It's raining profusely and we actually window shop the things here and keep note for the prices.

We got nothing much to do later in the evening so we just chilled out in our rooms.

This is me in the Hugh Stewart Hall

Hugh Stewart Dining Hall


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