Sunday, September 10, 2006

Going back to Hometown-Penang (backdated 04.09.2006)

Since working in Sony for several months, I’ve no time to travel back to my hometown for resting and most importantly, get together with my family members.

After waiting for so long, now it’s the time to go back home. A long long road to way back home.

For the period of 4 years of staying, studying and working in KL, I’ve never been home and staying for so long. A total of 11days will be spent in Penang alone. That means no hastle and bustle of KL city life, no more broadband internet (this is the one I gonna miss a lot), no more yam cha with my dear uni friends and my dearest girlfriend. ( this is the one I’m missing most), no more midnight chat with them and no more Low Yat or PJ Murni anymore. Sigh…

But look at the bright side, at least now I’m got more time to myself, no more complaining about getting junks emails all time, oh and I can lose weight by cutting those mamak stall supper intake and save some money too. =p

Talking about the air here…the sky is much clearer and no more haze as it always happen in KL. Nice misty wind in the morning, clear blue sky in the afternoon and superb orange tingling sunset in the evening.

See the photos for your own judgments.

These 2 photos are taken from my home. Beautiful isn't it?

Behold and feast your eyes with amazing photos coming up next…


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