Wednesday, September 20, 2006

First day In Nottingham

Today marked a very special day for me particularly as I’ve finally “touched down” in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

After taking 14hours flight from Kuala Lumpur and leaving behind heavy heartly my family, my loves one and friends, I board this journey of my lifetime to this dream country of my own.

Then flight takes about 14hours and the whole journey is really unbelievable. Even though the seat are a bit cramp and I have to ask the passengers beside me to give way and stand up every time I have to answer the nature’s call or take a walk; through these ways I’ve made friends with 2 wonderful people, One is Braebal from Germany and another is Nick which is her husband from UK. They now settled in Zurich. On the journey, they give pointers and guide to the UK, what to expect, and actually take care of me while I was on the plane. They offered their novel to read if I’ve finished mine, they ask whether I want to take a walk and things similar to that.

They disembark at Zurich and I have to continue to stay on the plane until Manchester. The trip took another 2 hours. When we are approaching Manchester, the plane slow down its speed. We need to wait for another 20 minutes to touch down as the traffic there is heavy. I am greeted by the Old Trafford Stadium, sheeps and larger farms, and beautifully shaped houses.

The plane touched down at 845am and I proceed to the Immigration. It takes another 30minutes for me to go through it. I met up with a few peoples who is going to the university. There are other universities which come to the airport to pick up the new students also. University of Manchester and University of Hull are one of them. He representatives only come at meet us at about 11am.

We walked to the other building to board a bus to the Nottingham University. And the journey takes another 2 hours. As we arrived in University of Nottingham, we are assigned to student halls (hostel). Mine one is the Hugh Stewart Hall. It’s a classic and serene hall that’s surrounded by greeneries. There’s even a pear tree beside my main front door entrance, well this is my first time seeing a real pear on the tree.

Later on, we are ushered into the Trend Building to fill up the NHS form and get vaccinations for MMR (mumps, measles and rubella) and meningitis C.

After this it’s already 3pm local time. I was starving and exhausted. I rushed down to the Boots (sort of like Watson at home), and grab a sandwich. It costed me 79p for 2 sandwiches.

I met up lots of new friends here. Most of them are friendly. Met up friends from Malaysia, The States, UK, Mauritius, Singapore, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Hong Kong…

Shot on the plane, UK sky...

My temporary room which has a beautiful window view

Photo shot at the campus

Victoria style house

Here's another one

The famous Trend Building

The Jubilee Campus


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