Friday, September 15, 2006

Cendol King

This is one of those tiny posts that will makes your taste buds activated and drooling over the famous Penang food!!!

This roadside stall situated in Bukit Tengah (near Ping Bin primary school) is one of the famous cendol stall around in penang state. And most of all, it’s been endorsed and certified by me!!! The unique aromatic taste of the greenish cendol is soaked in the icy cool white ice shreds laced with brown sugar. The taste of each scoop is beyond words and after having a full bowl, you will ask for more. It's soft, it's cooling, it's satisfying and it's easily get addicted with...

Each bowl selling at RM1.20 only that comes with pulut (glutinous rice) or RM1.00 without pulut. So, next time if you have a chance to visit BM, remember to try out this famous delicacy in the Pearl Of Orient!

This is the road that leads to the tasty cendol...

The boss is busy "mixing" the cendols...


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