Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back to JSHS

I seldom went back to my high school to pay a visit since I entered University of Malaya. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I seldom went back to my hometown too. Even in the holidays, I spent most of the free time organizing state level programme, university level freshman weeks and so on and so forth. In my final year, I’ve spent it to complete my thesis.

But it seems that the reasons that I’ve given just now do not fit into the condition now =p , so I decided to pay my high school a visit.

Jit Sin High School, a prestigious school which situated in the serene Taman Sri Rambai residential area is the dream school that all the parents wish their children can gain entry into. This school has gained its fame by producing hundreds of the country top of the crops students. Family from as far as Nibong Tebal which is about 30km away always usher their children to study in this top government aided school (SMJK). And most importantly, I’m one of the old boys in this famous high school. =p

The school which stands here for 8 years in this new location. Well, there's quite some changes in my school. Now the school equipped with broadband access and have 150 PC connected to it. This is a good thing because previously my school only has dialup and the line was extremely slow,waiting for the page to load was taking forever... Now, it's faster than thunder.

I visited some teachers and talked to them, my teacher praises me for being grown up. hehe...

Ok, enough said, let's go on to the photo story..

This is the place where I started my NBA journey..

Here is another photo...

The hall where we all graduated...

Block C

Hall Exam Tension situation...

The hall and Block C


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