Tuesday, September 26, 2006

3rd day in nottingham

Today marked the 3rd day I’m staying in the Nottingham. I’m as busy as usual. I just opened a bank account at the Natwest and paying a visit to the international office to ask about the automatic scholarship for Malaysian.

After these Justin and me stroll around the lake side and managed to snap some pretty photos.

This is me who stands at the Portland Building. The background is the Trend Building. The clock tower actually rings its bell for every subsequent 30 mins until around 5 or 6pm. Not sure about these, will observe longer to get this info. =p

Another photo of the grass field

Just can’t get enough of the beautiful grassy hill photos. The chimney on the right is the tallest point in the University of Nottingham. It’s just a decorative chimney, that’s mean it’s not for use.

We walked until it’s out of the campus, then we walk along side of the road to get into another university entrance.

Later in the evening, the student’s helpers chartered a double Decker bus to fetch us to the town centre. It’s pretty exciting as this is my first time actually take a real English double decker bus. I sit at the ground floor as there are too many people around and it’s hard to get a seat. It is not allow to stand on the first floor as it will make the bus really unstable. (Remember how the point of gravity can affect the stability of a subject, in this case the bus?)

We do browse around for other shops as they do gather for other stuff. We do limited by the closing time which is at 5pm.

The Town Centre

High Street

The Modern double decker bus

Later in the day, we met up Rachel and Ivy. We decided to met again later in the evening after all the shopping and sightseeing. But what makes me felt guilty is that we got lost and couldn't even get in contact with them!!! We have no choice but to find our way back ourselves and keep asking directions from people on the road. Sorry Rachel and Ivy!!! We should have done better....

It's a tiring day indeed!!!


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