Wednesday, August 09, 2006


080806 marked another important day of my life... today, the british high commision has granted me an entry clearance to UK.

0808 has been a significance date for me. In 1996, this is the date that i returned to high school after a long absent due to a long illness.

Darling, this is as well a significant date for both of us. It marked the real start of the countdown for me to fly to uk... I wish that i can bring you over but i just can't. Sorry i have to break your heart again. it seems that i always breaking your heart..

i wish to engage with you too, but your family don't know me yet. in addition to that, i'm not ready to get marry before age 30.

Well, as you mentioned before, let's leave this to fate... but now what i can tell you is I LOVE YOU.


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