Thursday, August 31, 2006

Scientific Journal Flies Photo Shooting

Seems that after I've resign my job from Sony, I've gotten my self some free time. I thought it might be good that I spend it by indulging myself to some novel reading and refreshing my academic mind.

But as you might have guesssed correctly, I certainly have some extra co-curriccular activities to work on.... For instance, snapping "potrait" photos of flies lo... =p

I helped out a Phd friend to snap macro photos of the flies. They are not the ordinary flies which you always see in your house. It's quite big and some even have "fur" on it. Some has a metallic eksoskeleton on them.

Frankly speaking, snapping this kind of photos really brushed up my macro photo shooting skills. It also letting me know about my digital camera limitation. I've shot about hundred over photos for flies samples. It's quite fun actually to be able to help out and see my friend satisfactory smile over the results.. =p

Hwa is adjusting the flies sample on the make shift shooting stage before the photo shoot.

That's the sample of the photo shoot. All hail to the CANON camera!!! =p

The big bulu fly...sorry forgot the scientific name already. =p Hey,don't blame me, I'm not specialist in this field ok? Hehe...

The metallic fly....

Here's another one...


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