Monday, August 28, 2006

My Last day in SonyStyle KLCC --backdated 27.08.2006

Today marked the last day of my working life in Sony Style KLCC. I worked in the morning shift. As usual, I boarded a LRT to work at 825am. Normally I will either read my novel on the sony clie or a book, but seems that today will be my last day going through this lrt journey, I just stand there enjoying the scenary...

When I reached Sony, many people already knew that today will be my last day here. One by one started to shake hands with me during the whole 9 hours there. Some of them saying thanks for guiding them and helping them out when they needs a helping hand. A few hugged me.. From their eyes, I knew that they are reluctant to let me go, they're gonna miss me so much.. But hey, I'm gonna be around, so no worries.

The team gave me a PDI shirt and an A4 postcard as a farewell gist. Oh, so sweet of you all. Thanks ya! Other people gave me gifts the radio by Suresh and Kok Sing (LOL)! But seriously dude! I won't take it la. Haha! =P

OK, enough once again, I give you the photos... hehe...

My Best bro Teck Seng posing for photo shoot --see!!!That's his finger la!!!

OK, now the formal and proper one...

Posing with my little sister, Chelsea... a lawyer wannabe. Psst, if I wanna buy house, can do FOC the lawyer fee or not? Hehe...

Sue, me and Teck Seng who cannot stand still for more than 2 seconds... =p

The Cool guy A.K.A Brian Goh with me.. Notice the glasses we are wearing? He just bought it last few days. Cool ar?

Me and Suresh the bouncer. Will miss your slang and funny jokes dude!


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