Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My first blog entry with V3000

I lost my "virginity" of getting my first laptop to this cute, sexy and tight Compaq V3000. Proudly speaking, I'm very much satisfied with the whole package.

Typing my blog through this babe which is sat on my lap on a bed is a sheer joy. Believe me, you will not get a barberque leg for it. It ran so quiet and cool that you won't even notice the heat of a conventional laptop.

OK ok, i might be gone overboard of describing or worshipping my laptop. Some more describe it like a sexy babe sitting my lap.( my dad is gonna kill me if he read this post!!) *wink**wink*. But I really a gadget and IT fiend!

OK ok, at least for the next time if there is really a naked babe in front of me calling me over when I'm in touch with my electronic gadgets, I will reply her by saying please don't disturb me, I'm pampering my honey here. =p


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