Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Freedom of speech

recently i read an article on the star daily about a minister commenting about the freedom of speech for the blog.
I am quite shocked & surprise that he actually propose that the blog should be monitered & regulated. The reason given is to curb comments that might hurt the harmonious relationships among races & especially comments that tarnish the islam image.
What he actually meant about comments that mIghT hurt the races is the special rights of malay.

l don't want to comment on the special rights of the bumiputra as l don't wish my lovely blog site became a topic in the parliment. I would like to say something more about freedom of uslng the net without restrictions.
I still remember vividly during my form4 times,our former pm mahathir assured us that the usage of the net will not be filtered or monitered. He deeply believe & trustes that malaysians are matured enough to differentiate between a bad & good informations.
that's why our lt industry can strive & prosper in a drastic way.

I still believe that malaysians are matured thinking citizens.we won't simple because of read an ulterior motive blog entry then will believe in whatever the blog said.

So l would say that give freedom of speech & internet a will not only demonstrates malaysians are matured enough & rational,but also will show to the world that we are open minded & practice democratic and freedom at it's best!


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