Thursday, August 31, 2006

backdated post-- basketball match

Well, after resigning from my job, my housmates think that I should get some exercise which have long been "forgotten". So Albert suggest basketball 2 on 2 in our former residential college court.

Who can't resist the temptation of playing basketball? Mmm... I was a basketball player during my high school time, broke my leg once because of that. When in UM, I played for 4th residential college, been helping out to coach the girls team. =p I have been the team manager for 12th residential college participating the national level MABA competition. (ok, that one I was playing a small role, not even play on the field, only see peple playing from the sidelines). So now you know I can't resist the temptation to play basketball..

OK, I'm not that tall, but at least I'm good at dribbling and layup. Not that good in rebound, but damn good in stmina, will let you try run with me for the whole court for 15 minutes high speed and you stil can't steal the ball. =p OK, I'm a bit way too cocky on saying this...but you get the idea on what's my strengh in the court. =p

Enough said, here you go!!! The video of us playing 2 on 2 basketball!


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