Thursday, August 31, 2006

backdated post-- basketball match

Well, after resigning from my job, my housmates think that I should get some exercise which have long been "forgotten". So Albert suggest basketball 2 on 2 in our former residential college court.

Who can't resist the temptation of playing basketball? Mmm... I was a basketball player during my high school time, broke my leg once because of that. When in UM, I played for 4th residential college, been helping out to coach the girls team. =p I have been the team manager for 12th residential college participating the national level MABA competition. (ok, that one I was playing a small role, not even play on the field, only see peple playing from the sidelines). So now you know I can't resist the temptation to play basketball..

OK, I'm not that tall, but at least I'm good at dribbling and layup. Not that good in rebound, but damn good in stmina, will let you try run with me for the whole court for 15 minutes high speed and you stil can't steal the ball. =p OK, I'm a bit way too cocky on saying this...but you get the idea on what's my strengh in the court. =p

Enough said, here you go!!! The video of us playing 2 on 2 basketball!

Scientific Journal Flies Photo Shooting

Seems that after I've resign my job from Sony, I've gotten my self some free time. I thought it might be good that I spend it by indulging myself to some novel reading and refreshing my academic mind.

But as you might have guesssed correctly, I certainly have some extra co-curriccular activities to work on.... For instance, snapping "potrait" photos of flies lo... =p

I helped out a Phd friend to snap macro photos of the flies. They are not the ordinary flies which you always see in your house. It's quite big and some even have "fur" on it. Some has a metallic eksoskeleton on them.

Frankly speaking, snapping this kind of photos really brushed up my macro photo shooting skills. It also letting me know about my digital camera limitation. I've shot about hundred over photos for flies samples. It's quite fun actually to be able to help out and see my friend satisfactory smile over the results.. =p

Hwa is adjusting the flies sample on the make shift shooting stage before the photo shoot.

That's the sample of the photo shoot. All hail to the CANON camera!!! =p

The big bulu fly...sorry forgot the scientific name already. =p Hey,don't blame me, I'm not specialist in this field ok? Hehe...

The metallic fly....

Here's another one...

Monday, August 28, 2006

My Last day in SonyStyle KLCC --backdated 27.08.2006

Today marked the last day of my working life in Sony Style KLCC. I worked in the morning shift. As usual, I boarded a LRT to work at 825am. Normally I will either read my novel on the sony clie or a book, but seems that today will be my last day going through this lrt journey, I just stand there enjoying the scenary...

When I reached Sony, many people already knew that today will be my last day here. One by one started to shake hands with me during the whole 9 hours there. Some of them saying thanks for guiding them and helping them out when they needs a helping hand. A few hugged me.. From their eyes, I knew that they are reluctant to let me go, they're gonna miss me so much.. But hey, I'm gonna be around, so no worries.

The team gave me a PDI shirt and an A4 postcard as a farewell gist. Oh, so sweet of you all. Thanks ya! Other people gave me gifts the radio by Suresh and Kok Sing (LOL)! But seriously dude! I won't take it la. Haha! =P

OK, enough once again, I give you the photos... hehe...

My Best bro Teck Seng posing for photo shoot --see!!!That's his finger la!!!

OK, now the formal and proper one...

Posing with my little sister, Chelsea... a lawyer wannabe. Psst, if I wanna buy house, can do FOC the lawyer fee or not? Hehe...

Sue, me and Teck Seng who cannot stand still for more than 2 seconds... =p

The Cool guy A.K.A Brian Goh with me.. Notice the glasses we are wearing? He just bought it last few days. Cool ar?

Me and Suresh the bouncer. Will miss your slang and funny jokes dude!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My first blog entry with V3000

I lost my "virginity" of getting my first laptop to this cute, sexy and tight Compaq V3000. Proudly speaking, I'm very much satisfied with the whole package.

Typing my blog through this babe which is sat on my lap on a bed is a sheer joy. Believe me, you will not get a barberque leg for it. It ran so quiet and cool that you won't even notice the heat of a conventional laptop.

OK ok, i might be gone overboard of describing or worshipping my laptop. Some more describe it like a sexy babe sitting my lap.( my dad is gonna kill me if he read this post!!) *wink**wink*. But I really a gadget and IT fiend!

OK ok, at least for the next time if there is really a naked babe in front of me calling me over when I'm in touch with my electronic gadgets, I will reply her by saying please don't disturb me, I'm pampering my honey here. =p

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Convo Photos Galore!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Convo day! Congrats to my friends!

Early of august is indeed a very meaningful day for many of my friends ( which included me).

My long time university friends, soulmates, & old flames graduated on these days.

Well, this post is dedicated to all of you. I really appreciate our friendships for these 4 years. Life in KL without your accompany may seems difficult for me to swallow.

The hapiness, sadness, sorrow all are shared together. All of you will be remembered in my heart.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New Look

i've promised that I will upload photos & videos on my next post. Well, you might have to wait a little longer for the video, but as promised, here goes for the photos...

the new me with new glasses.. Looks like a bad guy...haha!

with winter clothes on... Looks familiar? Like the Winter Sonata actor? Haha, I'm not him! =p I'm George!!! Can call me David Tao also if you like! =p


080806 marked another important day of my life... today, the british high commision has granted me an entry clearance to UK.

0808 has been a significance date for me. In 1996, this is the date that i returned to high school after a long absent due to a long illness.

Darling, this is as well a significant date for both of us. It marked the real start of the countdown for me to fly to uk... I wish that i can bring you over but i just can't. Sorry i have to break your heart again. it seems that i always breaking your heart..

i wish to engage with you too, but your family don't know me yet. in addition to that, i'm not ready to get marry before age 30.

Well, as you mentioned before, let's leave this to fate... but now what i can tell you is I LOVE YOU.

Haze Day

Delayed post: 08.06.2006

the acrid smell, the blurry view of KL scenery, the orange sun... Welcome to the days of the haze attack, again...

Each breath that you take will only suffocate more, you struggling to breath harder but it will only make your throat really irritated!

I have lost count on how many times this haze has been troubling us, but I am quite sure that it happen last year August, during my convocation. Now it happen again during my juniors' convo. It seems like it's an annual affair.

I coughed alot since this haze situation get worsen. well, i cough until can't sleep you get the idea how those actually affected me.

i'm done blogging,will try to get some sleep now.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


It's been awhile scince my best friend convo in UPM... It's been awhile I've change my new image... A lot of events and photos will be pulish here....not forgetting the videos to feast your eyes.... Stay tuned...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Freedom of speech

recently i read an article on the star daily about a minister commenting about the freedom of speech for the blog.
I am quite shocked & surprise that he actually propose that the blog should be monitered & regulated. The reason given is to curb comments that might hurt the harmonious relationships among races & especially comments that tarnish the islam image.
What he actually meant about comments that mIghT hurt the races is the special rights of malay.

l don't want to comment on the special rights of the bumiputra as l don't wish my lovely blog site became a topic in the parliment. I would like to say something more about freedom of uslng the net without restrictions.
I still remember vividly during my form4 times,our former pm mahathir assured us that the usage of the net will not be filtered or monitered. He deeply believe & trustes that malaysians are matured enough to differentiate between a bad & good informations.
that's why our lt industry can strive & prosper in a drastic way.

I still believe that malaysians are matured thinking citizens.we won't simple because of read an ulterior motive blog entry then will believe in whatever the blog said.

So l would say that give freedom of speech & internet a will not only demonstrates malaysians are matured enough & rational,but also will show to the world that we are open minded & practice democratic and freedom at it's best!

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