Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I will miss you...

Time flies by tremendously and finally it's the moment that I am waiting for for the past 6 years. I will fly to the UK top university for postgraduate studies.

I know this is the moment I should cherish and happy for the whole last 1 1/2 months in Malaysia. God has granted my wish after I'm going through numerous hardships and obstacles. Even though my dad called me up from 360km away today, telling me that the company he is working for is facing financial crisis and might be closed down on this 31st of August; I really pray hard to God and wish that things might turn around eventually.

After much "hustle and bustle" for the past few months, finally I can rest my mind a bit.... I'm the person who's mind will think a lot when there's nothing to rush about... Bits by bits, I started to miss my family (which I feel strange because for the past 4 years I'm staying 360km from home, I didn't miss home so much), missing my loves one so much(already missing you so much my honey and darlin since last month ;) ), and of course not forgetting my close friends which help me went through countless ups and down of my life in the uni.

I will miss you! =') I know it is too early to bid farewell to you all now but I really wanna tell you all that thanks for everything! You have enriched my life and helped me shaped a better person and learn a lot during this stage of my life. My gratitude especially goes to my darling that always believing in me. Stay strong and concentrate on your study while I'm away ok? See you in UK! =)

I dedicated this "heart" to all who are always supporting me and believing in my dreams and visions! Thanks so much! I love you all!


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