Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm sorry...

Today is the second time I forgot to bring my wallet to work just in a week. I only reliazed it when I Q up to buy a LRT ticket. Darn it!

The reason (so so-called excuse) I forgot is not because I'm rushing...I have aplenty of time to spend (about 1 hour)..the main reason is because I miss my darling so much. Really sad when I found out that I'm the cause for her to sleep very late. I'm the cause and the factor!!!

I'm guilty as charged! I admit to the charges that pressed agaist me and willing to let you punish me. Darling, I'm sorry to let you worry and wait for me to change.I'll try harder from now on to change for good. Just for the one and simple reason. I LOVE YOU...


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