Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I don't need all these things!!! Thanks but NO THANKS!!!

First they offer you trendy watches at replica classics, I choose to ignore all of their offers. Then they will instead offer you a chance to turn your "professional experience" into a university degree in 2 weeks and without any classes or exams.

When you still choose to ignore the special offer, they will think that oh boy, you must be pretty lonely. They will instead offer you a chance to search and meet all the lonely girls out there in your town. Oh, by the way, they also can do a match making for you plus photos for your viewing pleasure.

By the time you delete those offers, more offers coming in... They will assume that well, you are not lonely after all, if not, you will surely jump into the offer. Then they will start sending you vouchers for discount of generic Viarga or Softtab beacause you might need help for satisfying your wife or girlfriend's need. ( that's really RUDE, you bloody hell spam emailers!!!)

This is what I got for my email junk mail! I believe that most of people who owns email accounts must have been encountered such emails before. My email account alone can accumulate 100 spam/junk mails in 1 day! No kidding!

For all those spam/junk email senders, here is the message to you. Thanks for your concern but NO THANKS!!! I already have my lovely and full aluminium genuine MORGAN watch, so I no need a replica watch. I already on my way to pursue a master in medical science, so getting a degree for my "professional experience" would seems like walking backwards to the "basic", so NO THANKS!!!

And FYI, I already have a pretty and sexy girlfriend so I don't need your match making service. And even if I am lonely, I rather spend my time on reading novels and watching movies than meeting lonely girls in my town.

Oh, and I am a healthy guy who runs mostly 2 miles per day, a non smoker and non drinker. So I don't even need to use the little blue pill to help me "up" (you know what I meant). Don't believe it? Then go ahead, ask my girlfriend! =p (OK, I know what you are thinking, I didn't meant that! You can ask her whether I'm really running 2miles per day, non smoker and non drinker. Don't you ever ask her anything else, OR ELSE!!!)


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