Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hope Run... A Run full of Hope and Determination...

Today marked another milestone for me as I participated in the 7KM Hope Run whihc held in Dataran Merdeka. The main purpose I joined in is not because of aiming to win, but aiming to finish the whole race without stopping. It's a time to test my mind determination.

we arrived at the venue at about7am. Without any proper warm-up, we aready started the race!!

The first 3km from what was going through, physical stamina still healthy (just a bit sleepy due to only 4 hours sleep), just that you need to constantly keep in mind that you are with your own pace, and not following those who is running like a mad dog chasing them behind.

Then come the unexpected route and terrain. I've never run this route before. It's Bukit Tunku and the run it's a "uphill battle". I think this will be the same scenario in our life, we never know what is coming in our life, so we will have to accept the challenge and find a way to tackle it.

I do really enjoy the run at the hill as there's a lot of forest there and I didn't expect that in the City of KL, there is a place where trees profilate...

After 45 minutes, I finally reached the finish line! Saw Albert with his gold medal! WOW! He finished at 14th place! =)

I'm running to the finish line!!! Ignore the kids. They are thediffirent categories with me! I'm running 7km, they are running 3km.

This race has once again "rejuvenate" my determination and my strong will of belief in what I do and my dreams!

We pose for the record! Nice weather...

Dataran Merdeka at 930am, 22.07.2006


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