Sunday, July 02, 2006


Today is the first time I ride my motor bike at a neck break speed of 110km/h with my old Suzuki RC80. Emotional charges couples together with my anger and frustrations led me to ride the old motor bike at this frightening speed.

At that moment, all in my head was questions and frustrations.. Why some people just didn't learn their lessons? Why they always make the same mistakes? Why do I always hurting my loves one indirectly....Why?Why?Why?

When I was on the ride, I suddenly feel that my life is worth more than that, worth more than a couple of hormone imbalances and frustrations. So i slow down immediately to 60km/h on the freeway. I breath slowly, 1,2,3,4,5,6... Feel better... Things are not as complicated as what I've seen... I just need to use K.I.S.S. That is Keep It Simple Stupid..

I started to ride slowly up until the LRT station junction. Then the sky started to pour down heavily. Strong winds and heavy rain drops started to hit on my body. I ride all the way back to my home without even thinking of stopping to take cover. The rain drops that managed to find a way to soak into my wind breaker, t-shirt and beach shorts sent a blistering cold to my spine and body.

Think it's the god punishment for me to hurt my loves one.. But I accept the punishment, it's nothing compared to what I have hurted her..

The road was getting blur-er and blur-er and the wind blowed stronger and stronger. I really can't hold any longer to continue to ride the motorbike...but my home is just a stone throw away. I shoutd a few times to expands my lungs and to calm down myself.... It's really cold and torturing while riding in this heavy storms..

After 1 minute, I finally reach my home. Quickly ride my motor up till the front of the lift. Dashed in, undress my self (but not naked la, just the wind breaker and t-shirt) and quickly had my hot shower... Let every of my worries and sadness flow away together with the water...

I got better now, thanks for the sky to rain heavily on me..thanks for my self consious to stay alert, and thanks for the motor bike for not breaking down while in the heavy rain. =p


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