Monday, March 13, 2006

Back Dated Blog -- 11.03.2006 Kajang SaTay!!!

I'm quite reluctant to write this post as it already past for a few days.. But, this one seems to be one of my first experience to "encounter" with the KAJANG SATAY.. So here you go...

After staying in KL for 3 years, 9 months, 11 days, and 20 hours.. Today will be the first day in my life to personally taste the famous KAJANG SATAY in a place called Restoran Sate Kajang..

The restaurant that we went is a really cosy area, downstair is covered while up stairs is partly covered with air-con, and also open air area. By the time we reached there, the restaurant was jammed packed with people.

Intro before we go into ACTION!!! It's in mandarin though...

We waited for 15 mins for the satay to arrive... And YES!!! We all gulped down the SATAY!!!

Albert has a fond memories with his lovely satay..

Albert: Mmm... I love Satay!!

Huimin and Yong Ching

We actually manage to gulped down 50 chicken satay, 10 fish satay, 5 deer satay, 5 mutton satay, and also 10 beef satay exclusively for Albert!!!

When we are queing up at cashier counter to pay for the satay which situated at the ground floor, I manage to snap a few photos of the "kitchen" BBQing the satay... Well please ignore the plastic bag that blocked the window.. It's one of those satay which is packed for take away... Hehe...

Well, I have satisfied my taste bud and stomach for that night.. Wah, and not fogetting I spend 14 ringgits for the satay meal!! =p


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