Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Altec Lansing & JBL Worshipper...

I've been searching high and low to get a replacement for my spoilt creative mp3 earbud headset. Think will opt for a higher end earbud this time..hehe, seems that I have earned cold hard cash from my job, I want to enjoy a bit of higher sound quality..ahem, maybe it's inherented from my father, I'm quite choosy in terms of sound system and really particular with the quality of sound (no matter it's from MP3 player or PC).

I stumbled upon Altec Lansing Website. I'm quite curious whether my decision of buying the ATP3 speakers is up to what other pro reviewer standard, so I click on the product info and Viola.. It got really good reviews from them.. =p Well, this is my first self-choosen 2.1 channels speakers for PC, oh, and not forgetting I use an independent Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 channels capable cound card, not buil in soundcard from the motherboard..I really enjoy the sound that it produced. Now I'm using it to listen to David Tao LIVE concert.. Yohoo... It will make all the other PC users envy over me.. =p

JBL speakers is one of my another favourite speakers. It can not only produce deep, punchy bass but also crystal clear and true to the original sound reproduction of the CD or vinyl. I still remember the first time I play my first CD in my life (ahem, Michael Jackson "Bad" album) through this amazing speakers, it just feel that the artist is actually singing in front of you!!! It's truly an amazing experience for both of me and my hi-fi "die-hard" father. =p

Well enough said for the speakers, you have to truly hear it yourseldf to truly appreciate it. So fast head to your nearest hi-fi dealers or PC shop to check out ATP3 and JBL stuff... You'll love it!!!

The cool ATP3 that is standing elegently on my desk

The logo that shaped my life resolving around HQ sound


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