Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Altec Lansing & JBL Worshipper...

I've been searching high and low to get a replacement for my spoilt creative mp3 earbud headset. Think will opt for a higher end earbud this time..hehe, seems that I have earned cold hard cash from my job, I want to enjoy a bit of higher sound quality..ahem, maybe it's inherented from my father, I'm quite choosy in terms of sound system and really particular with the quality of sound (no matter it's from MP3 player or PC).

I stumbled upon Altec Lansing Website. I'm quite curious whether my decision of buying the ATP3 speakers is up to what other pro reviewer standard, so I click on the product info and Viola.. It got really good reviews from them.. =p Well, this is my first self-choosen 2.1 channels speakers for PC, oh, and not forgetting I use an independent Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 channels capable cound card, not buil in soundcard from the motherboard..I really enjoy the sound that it produced. Now I'm using it to listen to David Tao LIVE concert.. Yohoo... It will make all the other PC users envy over me.. =p

JBL speakers is one of my another favourite speakers. It can not only produce deep, punchy bass but also crystal clear and true to the original sound reproduction of the CD or vinyl. I still remember the first time I play my first CD in my life (ahem, Michael Jackson "Bad" album) through this amazing speakers, it just feel that the artist is actually singing in front of you!!! It's truly an amazing experience for both of me and my hi-fi "die-hard" father. =p

Well enough said for the speakers, you have to truly hear it yourseldf to truly appreciate it. So fast head to your nearest hi-fi dealers or PC shop to check out ATP3 and JBL stuff... You'll love it!!!

The cool ATP3 that is standing elegently on my desk

The logo that shaped my life resolving around HQ sound

The upgrade road work near UM PJ area will only be completed in May 2007

Just read this article from the star online. It stated that the PJ flyover wil only complete in May 2007. Click on the link to know more...


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

PJ Thunder Storm!!!

Nowadays, the weather in PJ is so unpredictable.. I was enjoying the clear bright sun on the morning, but greeted with a thunder storm in the early evening..well, there goes my plan to shop for groceries later on... =p

Monday, March 13, 2006

Back Dated Blog -- 11.03.2006 Kajang SaTay!!!

I'm quite reluctant to write this post as it already past for a few days.. But, this one seems to be one of my first experience to "encounter" with the KAJANG SATAY.. So here you go...

After staying in KL for 3 years, 9 months, 11 days, and 20 hours.. Today will be the first day in my life to personally taste the famous KAJANG SATAY in a place called Restoran Sate Kajang..

The restaurant that we went is a really cosy area, downstair is covered while up stairs is partly covered with air-con, and also open air area. By the time we reached there, the restaurant was jammed packed with people.

Intro before we go into ACTION!!! It's in mandarin though...

We waited for 15 mins for the satay to arrive... And YES!!! We all gulped down the SATAY!!!

Albert has a fond memories with his lovely satay..

Albert: Mmm... I love Satay!!

Huimin and Yong Ching

We actually manage to gulped down 50 chicken satay, 10 fish satay, 5 deer satay, 5 mutton satay, and also 10 beef satay exclusively for Albert!!!

When we are queing up at cashier counter to pay for the satay which situated at the ground floor, I manage to snap a few photos of the "kitchen" BBQing the satay... Well please ignore the plastic bag that blocked the window.. It's one of those satay which is packed for take away... Hehe...

Well, I have satisfied my taste bud and stomach for that night.. Wah, and not fogetting I spend 14 ringgits for the satay meal!! =p

Friday, March 03, 2006

A Piece of Interesting News..

Here here,I stumbled upon this article while reading through The Star Online. It's quite interesting to read the scientists' hypothesis.. Go on, read on!!

All the better to see you blush, my dear.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Primates may have evolved color vision not to find the ripest, tastiest fruit but to detect that tell-tale blush on someone else's rump, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday.

The cone structures in the eye that help detect color seem exquisitely tuned to skin tones, the team at the California Institute of Technology reports.

"For a hundred years, we've thought that color vision was for finding the right fruit to eat when it was ripe," Mark Changizi, a theoretical neurobiologist and postdoctoral researcher at Caltech who led the study, said in a statement.

"But if you look at the variety of diets of all the primates having trichromat (three-color) vision, the evidence is not overwhelming."

Instead, Changizi and colleagues report in the current issue of the journal Biology Letters, the system seems adapted especially to find the colors prevalent in primate skins -- notably changes due to how much oxygenated hemoglobin is in the blood.

In contrast, bees have four color cones that are evenly spread across the visible spectrum, with the high-frequency end extending into the ultraviolet. Birds have three color cones that are also evenly distributed in the visible spectrum.

And the three-cone system can help a primate tell not only if a potential partner is having a rush of emotion in anticipation of mating, but also if an enemy's blood has drained out of his face due to fear.

"Also, ecologically, when you're more oxygenated, you're in better shape," Changizi said. That may be why humans value rosy cheeks, he said.

The clincher -- Changizi said old-world primates that have the three-cone vision are also all bare-faced and bare-butted.

"There's no sense in being able to see the slight color variations in skin if you can't see the skin," Changizi said.

"This could connect up with why we're the 'naked ape,'" he added.

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