Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Sony Pamphlet -- My Art Work & Photoshop Skills finally can "show off"..

It's quite surprising that Sony Japanese Regional manager promoted me to a permenant assistant and also P-I-C ( Person in charge ) for the Accessories Dept.

Now that I'm in that post,my job responsibility will naturally become "wider".. Well, one of those "extra" job is to design and print out the display pamphlet for the retail store..

Hehe, and well I have to say that I just simply love to use Adobe Photoshop to design the things. =) In that way, I can spent time to horn my skills on photoshop and also can earn money by that way. Hehe!! =p

Attached below is a few of my design

end-products.. You can give comments by clicking on the comments link.. Looking forward to receive your comment. =)


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