Monday, February 27, 2006

My Old Home

I've mentioned to you before that I've been busy moving house in Penang.. Well, now I dedicated this post to my old home..

The picture shown above is my old home in Tmn Sri Rambai. It is my shelter of love and hope since 1996 till 2006. I've gone through my high school years when I stay there, until I got an offer from University of Malaya to further my study there.

Many of my own important journey of my life happen during my stay to this medium but lovely house. I own my first Pentium I PC in this house (1997), and also the first time got connected to the internet in this house(end of 1997). Launched my first personal webpage and also GLNet(1999) in this house. Doing my first online purchase on in this house also. Use IRC to ICQ also in this house. Oh, and not forgetting that I got my driving licence here also.

I got my first personal handphone here also. The humble Nokia 3310. (2002). Oh, And one of the most important thing is that I firstly started my photography hobbies after my Form 6 studies. (2001)

This is also the house that I firstly bring my first girl friend (until now she is still mine and only girl friend =p) to meet my parents (2002). This is the place too for me to start to venture into the world of pacesetter. (Jogging started since 1999). From there on,there is no turning back for the love of the sport. =p Talking about sports, I've learned how to swim also during my form 6 times (2000).

There's too many memories and events that happen during my stay there. If you ask me do I miss staying there. My answer is YES! I really do... Really miss the big green gold grass garden, the ever-so-beautiful sunset.. I miss my old home...


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